Stained Glass Smile

Let's face it. You're beautiful
Your looks could take the crowds by storm
We'll forget just what you want
Repaint your past so its remembered all wrong
Lets move where you want
We move at speeds pushed by your charm
My mouths shut
Questions cause such harm

Its what I want

You've got a stained glass smile
And I must have blinders on these eyes
Cause all I see is your beauty
While you cover up your lies

So kiss me with your Judas lips
And hold me with your blood soaked hands
You've done enough. You've got your fix
Now onto the next sad lonely soul
Who comes to you seeking reprieve
But all you want is their money
And maybe a taste of control

Its pitiful

All that I have until my faith
Is only built on words
That make me look down on all
For failing your shallow laws