Let Go

Fear didn't keep us living
It only kept us breathing
I'm done preaching 'bout the struggle
I wanna sing the meaning

So go on ask your questions
'Bout the darkness and the light
And they'll just spout their answers
'Bout who is wrong and who is right

And I'll let go
Oh God, I'll let it go

See they're hoping when you knock that
God wont open up the door
Cause they're hoping if you ask why
God might need a lawyer

But if He ain't bigger than your questions
Or bigger than your fall
Then you gotta ask yourself, man
Is he even God at all?

So just let go
C'mon now let it go

Yeah the outcome of the game
Ain't to show you how to win
And the purpose of the sea
Ain't to show you how to swim
Cause the ending to the race
Doesn't have to be up front
And the answers to life's question
They ain't always what you want.

So just let it go
C'mon now let it go
And I'll let go
Oh my God, just let it go